Men's Health

As men get older, their testosterone levels decrease, too. This leads to various symptoms, like reduced muscle bulk, erectile dysfunction, and lack of sexual desire. To reverse these symptoms, Green Health Clinic offers testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In addition, PRP injection combined with shock wave treatment is an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction.

The wonders of testosterone replacement therapy

People with existing medical conditions that lead to lower testosterone levels are not the only ones who can take advantage of TRT. This treatment is also beneficial for men who are already experiencing the effects of low testosterone. 

Clients who received this treatment report the following positive effects:

Erectile dysfunctions: restoring the vigors of youth

Men who have sexual problems, particularly in achieving an erection, can take advantage of platelet-rich plasma injections into the penis with shockwave treatment. 

This treatment injects your own cells and tissues into your penis, significantly adding mass and giving you the following benefits:

After the PRP shot, you can resume your sexual activity. 

If you’re still not prepared to receive PRP injections, don’t worry. We also offer oral medications to solve your erectile concerns. 

Green Health Clinic only offers what’s best for you

At Green Health Clinic, we are committed to your safety and the success of the treatment. Before TRT and PRP injections, you’ll undergo a comprehensive health assessment, so we can come up with a personalized plan that best suits your needs.

Learn more about testosterone replacement therapy and PRP shots. Talk to us today, so we can properly accommodate your questions and concerns. 

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