Ozone Therapy

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “ozone”? If you say the layer in the atmosphere that protects Earth from harmful UV rays, you’re not alone. The general public primarily associates ozone with the gaseous product found 10 to 30 miles above our planet’s surface. 


But, did you know that there is what we call “medical ozone,” a type of ozone that some health experts use to disinfect, treat diseases, and promote health? 


Medical ozone, an overview

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas formed when sun rays come in contact with air. As a result, oxygen molecules interact with one another, creating O3 – ozone.

Medical ozone is one which we make in the laboratory. Basically, we use machines to break some oxygen molecules (O2) apart to have individual oxygen atoms (O). The individual oxygen atom can then join other oxygen molecules to form O3.

Who can benefit from ozone therapy

Please note that ozone is harmful when inhaled, but several studies show that it may have numerous benefits when it interacts with our body fluids, such as lymph and blood plasma.

According to this study, ozone interaction within the body can increase red blood cells and form more proteins.


Ozone therapy may also be beneficial for people with:


Non-healing wounds, like Diabetic foot ulcers

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); a 2014 research showed that ozone therapy improved the participants’ quality of life and their ability to exercise.

Ischemic heart disease and those recovering from a heart attack who received stenting.

Skin conditions such as allergic dermatoses and infections

Cancer; one study mentioned that ozone therapy might be a good adjuvant therapy.

How to know if ozone therapy is for you

You might have some concerns about ozone therapy’s safety and whether or not it’s right for you. The best way to reach a decision is to consult an expert. Here at Green Health Clinic, our experts are committed to attending to your individual needs, whether for treatment or health promotion.

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