Preventive Services


At Green Health Clinic, we truly are concerned about your well-being and constantly striving to keep you healthy. One way of doing so is to actively prevent any potential threats that may arise in your body. Here, we believe that the best cure is prevention, rather than waiting for the problem to arise.  Preventive care is a wise investment into your body. Dr. Kim, a certified physician, proves most competent and ready to help you maintain your body vigorous and sound. We provide personalized check-up packages: the following programs that we offer to our visitors are categorized by age and gender, personal medical history, and deleterious habits, such as drinking, smoking, etc.


Basic check up: This basic check up program is the most essential package to screen for the most common medical conditions, i.e. hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, high cholesterol level, gastrointestinal cancer, liver cancer, osteoarthritis, and urinary tract disease. This basic check up includes the following investigations: CBC (Complete Blood Count), urine analysis, blood in stool, fasting blood sugar, creatinine, liver function test, lipid profile, measurement of blood pressure, analysis for body fat, and bone density measurement. Finally Dr. Kim will discuss these exams results and any potential risks shown by the results to help you maximize your health. 


Men’s Check-up: This medical check-up package is catered toward male adults of all ages. This package includes a specific set of tests that will thoroughly cover most risks of diseases. Some of these examinations are tailored towards men, who are generally at a greater risk than women for certain diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases. It must be noted that Men’s Check-Up includes most of the examinations in the basic check-up package and addition of a screen for prostate cancer, STD, if needed, and a hormone assay.

Women’s Check up: Women, being of a unique composition, also require their own set of exams that will recognize this and cater to women’s bodies. Depending on their age, mammogram, test for STD, a screen for cervical cancer, and a hormone test can be integrated into the customized program.





Q: So why should I do a health screening when I know that I am not sick?


A: The idea behind preventive care is not to detect the cause of sickness. It is to have a complete understanding of your current health status by looking for potentially indicative symptoms. Basically, you are investing not only for tomorrow but also for the years ahead.  Furthermore, part of aging means that your body will accumulate minor damages, such as UV radiations, that induce changes in your DNA. This is one of the reasons why older people generally are more susceptible to malignant tumors and why couples should not procreate past a certain age.


Another factor that proves having health screenings are advantageous to your health is that during the early onsets of many diseases, your body has a better chance of being cured from that disease. In the earlier onset of a disease, your body may not feel the symptoms. These checkups will ensure that you can catch the disease in your body before it becomes too late so that you can live a healthier and longer life.


Q: How frequently should I come and complete these health screenings?


A: That depends on various factors, such as family medical history, age, sex, and race; but generally, patients from 20’s to 30’s should receive a basic health screening every 2 years to watch for any onset of potentially life-threatening diseases that would prove much more difficult to treat later. Patients from 40’s to 64 should receive health screenings every 1 to 2 years; and patients of 65 and above must receive health screenings every year.


Q: So apparently health screenings can utilize blood samples to check for cancerous growth in my body. Does it check for all cancers?

A: No, due to the nature of tumors and how they could be found anywhere in your body, blood sample testing can only discover cancers from certain organs, such as your liver, colons/ intestines, testes or ovaries, thyroid (neck area), and your prostate.


Q: How should I prepare for my health screening?

A: Several factors can negatively influence your results; therefore, we suggest that if you are on medication, you need to contact us to see if you should stop intake 2 to 3 days before your screening. Furthermore, excessively stress-inducing tasks are warned against, such as binge-eating, before the examination. Therefore we strongly recommend that you should eat lightly before 9 PM on the night before the screening and not consume anything on the morning before your screening. There might be other factors to consider depending on the test you are getting. In this case, Dr. Kim will specifically notify you of what will be necessary for your screening to retain the highest level of accuracy.



In addition of the check-up programs, we provide other preventive services for our patients.


• Cncer Screening

• Stroke Screening

• Heart Screening
• Hormone optimization
• Weight Management