NDA+ Infusion

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD+ for short, is a coenzyme found in every cell of our body. NAD is working at the last step in Krebs cycle at mitochondria to make ATP, an ultimate energy molecule in all living cells. NAD+ can repair damaged DNA, protect our chromosomes, enhance our immune system, activate the production of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers), and rev up antioxidant processes. 

In other words, it has critical roles in energy production and cellular processes that influence not just physical performance but also cognition and aging. 

Our body doesn’t have endless supply of NAD+

As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline.

And while it’s natural, researchers discovered that a deficiency in NAD+ is a common, central pathological factor for life-threatening conditions like stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. 

In other words, an inadequate supply of NAD+ is highly associated with aging and age-related diseases and other chronic medical conditions. 

To quote a 2017 scientific investigation: NAD+ is required not only for life, but for a long life.

Experience the power of this anti-aging molecule

Modern science has found a way to “reverse” aging and stave off age-related diseases, and that is through NAD+ infusions. People who receive NAD+ intravenously immediately experience: 

Let Green Health Clinic replenish your NAD+ reserves

Here at Green Health Clinic, we are committed to your healing and safety. We only use top-quality NAD+ and the infusions have minimal or zero side-effects. 

We also champion your comfort. Our solo rooms and IV lounge have designs and facilities that promote relaxation, privacy and positivity. 

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