Medical Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the most serious problems in our times. Medical Weight Loss is an effective way to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals using a non-surgical, holistically healthy and personalized approach. It takes into consideration factors that are otherwise ignored by diet fads and mass-produced weight loss supplements.

Going down to the root of the problem

At Green Health Clinic, we don’t just give you prescription medicines to shed some pounds. We hyperfocus on your body’s unique characteristics, relationship with food, and weight loss goals to ensure that you are on the road to a fitter and healthier physique that you can maintain for good.

Before we begin the Medical Weight Loss Treatment, we first arrange a series of tests for you as obesity is not just from lack of willpower or laziness. The tests may include:

The results of these tests reveal the exact reasons why you’re having difficulty losing excess body fat.

A weight loss treatment that’s only for you

After the initial consultation and comprehensive tests, we now begin with the personalized treatment, which involves:

Start the journey to a fitter, more confident you today

At Green Health Clinic, we believe that you’re in control of your health. Get in touch with us, so we can start shaping up your personalized Medical Weight Loss regimen. Give us a call or visit  our clinic today.

Schedule a time to speak with us and we’ll work on a customized health plan to meet your specific needs.